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CLT Diaphragm Design Guide

Developed collaboratively with experts in mass timber structural engineering, this groundbreaking publication provides guidance for the design of CLT diaphragms used as part of wind and seismic lateral force-resisting systems.

Catalyst / MGA | Michael Green Architecture/ photo Andrew Giammarco

Mass Timber Design Manual

Conceived as a living document, this interactive resource includes current information on topics from mass timber products and design best practices to taller wood construction and sustainability.

A Row of Houses Called Freedom House
Freedom House / Berners Schober / Tricia Shay Photography

Mass Timber Floor Vibration Design Guide

Unfamiliar with mass timber floor vibration? This approachable guide synthesizes current design procedures and recommendations.

Interior of Building with Exposed Wood and Windows
Catalyst / MGA | Michael Green Architecture / photo Benjamin Benschneider

U.S. Mass Timber Construction Manual

This manual gives GCs and installers a framework for the planning, procurement, and management of mass timber projects, and provides a bridge from their experience with other systems.

People Working Construction on a Timber Project by Guiding Large Wood Panels Suspended by a Crane
The Canyons / Kaiser+Path / photo Marcus Kauffman